How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (2024)

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If you are looking to perform a clean install on a new machine without a current OS or if something goes wrong with your initial installation, we have provided the following instructions to do so through a bootable disc (otherwise known as a boot drive).

Microsoft Windows 10 is a dynamic operating system that is vastly improved over other versions. It is equally usable on a laptop, tablet, or conventional desktop, with the dependability of older versions of the operating system coupled with forward-looking advancements. If you are looking to download Windows 10 and save big on your purchase, turn to the software experts at SoftwareKeep for the lowest prices, free-shipping, and the best customer service and support before, during, and after the sale.

Microsoft’s latest software offering comes with many sought-after improvements and you have several different options when it comes to installing the software if you have purchased the upgrade. If you are looking to perform a clean install on a new machine without a current OS or if something goes wrong with your initial installation, we have provided the following instructions to do so through a bootable disc (otherwise known as a boot drive).

The first item you will need is a USB flash drive, and you will want to create bootable USB media from ISO for Windows 10, and will have to set your computer’s settings to boot from a USB device.

Installation 1: From ISO or USB

Step 1.

Open the Media Creation Tool from the USB device and click “Run.”

Step 2.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (1)

Click on the “Accept” button on the lower right-hand corner to accept the license terms. (This must be done to install the software, per the developer).

Step 3.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (2)

You will be presented with two clickable options. Select the option “Create installation media for another PC, and click on the “Next” button.

Step 4.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (3)

You again have two options to choose from. You can either select your language, software edition (Windows 10, in this case) and either 32 or 64-bit. It is recommended that you try 64-bit first if you aren’t sure which option you should select.

You can also simply check the box “Use the recommended options for this PC” and let the tool automatically configure it for you.

Step 5.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (4)

Select USB Flash Drive or ISO File.

  • If you select USB: Wait until the file is downloaded and insert your USB device into your computer. It is important to note that this will wipe all of the existing data on your USB device, so make sure that any information that you want to keep is stored elsewhere!
  • If you selected ISO: Wait for the file to download and insert a disc when prompted by the application.

Changing BIOS to Boot from USB / CD-DVD Media Boot File

In order to start from bootable media that you have created, you might need to change your Basic Input/Output System or BIOS. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1.

To enter your computer’s BIOS, you must first start your computer. When you are prompted, press Del, Esc, F2, F10, or F9 to enter the system’s BIOS. Usually, you will find the key to enter the BIOS on the screen.

Step 2.

Find and select the Boot Options menu.

Step 3.

Select the correct Boot Media device that you are using (USB, CD/DVD ROM drive) as the first boot device on your computer, and save the setting changes.

Step 4.

Turn your computer off.

Step 5.

Insert the USB or CD/DVD boot media.

Step 6.

Start your computer again to this time boot from the drive you selected.

Installation 2: Installing Windows 10 from Bootable Media

Step 1.

Insert the drive (USB or CD/DVD) Windows Installation Setup boot media

Step 2.

To start the setup process, you must turn on your computer.

Step 3.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (5)

A message prompting you to press a key to boot from the device should appear. Press a key to force your computer to use Windows Installation Setup boot media upon starting.

Step 4.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (6)

Windows Setup will load and you will see the Setup window on your screen. You will be given your Windows Setup Options and will be able to Select Your Regional Settings. This will configure your preferred language, time, currency format, and keyboard type.

Step 5.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (7)

Click the button to “Install Now”.

Step 6.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (8)

You will be prompted to enter your Windows Product Key:

  • If you ordered your software online, this key will typically be on your online order form or in your confirmation email after purchase.
  • If you purchased a physical copy, the product key will be included in the packaging.

Once you have located and entered the key, click Next.

Step 7.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (9)

Accept the License Terms. It is recommended that you read the terms of the software license before agreeing to them. You can select the box stating “I accept the license terms” and can then click Next.

Step 8.

Select Custom Installation.

Step 9.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (10)

Choose which hard drive and partition you would like to install Windows on. You can also choose to Delete All Partitions so that Windows Install will install the OS on the hard drive that you have selected.

Warning: if you delete all partitions, all of the data on the hard drive (software, applications, and files) will be destroyed, so make sure to back everything up that you want to keep!

Install Windows on your chosen hard drive or partition. Click the Next button and the installation should begin.

Step 10.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (11)

You will be prompted to personalize your settings, including preferred browser, connectivity, error reporting, and security. You can choose to customize these settings yourself, or can click Use Express Settings to customize.

Step 11.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (12)

Identify who owns the device. You will be asked “Who Owns this PC?” and you can sign in with your personal or company ID (which will let you access the company’s resources, if using Windows 10 for work).

Step 12.

How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (13)

Use your Microsoft account to log into Windows 10. This will allow you to take advantage of Microsoft’s suite of applications (which they highly recommend) including Skype, Office,, OneDrive, or Xbox.

Once installation has been completed, you can remove the Windows Install media and can click Finish/Restart to restart your computer and run your new Windows 10 Operating System!

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How to Install Windows 10 Via Bootable Media (2024)


How can Windows 10 be installed explain step by step? ›

Type 1: Full installation
  1. Before you start:
  2. Step 1: Download and Open Windows 10 installation media from Microsoft's website.
  3. Step 2: Accept license terms by choosing Accept.
  4. Step 3: Choose Create installation media and click Next.
  5. Step 4: Click Next.
  6. Step 5: Choose USB flash drive and click Next to proceed.
Jan 5, 2024

How do I make Win 10 bootable? ›

Windows 10: Create a Bootable USB
  1. Access the Windows 10 Installation Tool site.
  2. Scroll down the page, and click Download Tool Now.
  3. Click Save File in the Opening MediaCreationTool.exe pop-up.
  4. If the User Account Control window appears, select Yes.
Feb 20, 2024

How to install Windows 10 from bootable USB without losing data? ›

Note: This procedure only will keep the personal files, all software and apps need to be reinstalled.
  1. Create a USB device with an installation image. ...
  2. Enter on BIOS/UEFI and change to boot from the USB device.
  3. Click "Install Now".
  4. Type your product key or skip it. ...
  5. Select the installation type "Custom".
Dec 21, 2023

How to install Windows operating system step by step? ›

Downloading Windows onto a USB Drive

First thing you need is a new USB drive, or a used one with nothing on it. With your newly acquired, or repurposed USB drive head to the Windows website. This part is done on a computer other than the one you are going to install windows on. Plug your USB drive into the computer.

How to create Windows 10 installation disk or bootable USB? ›

In order to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive, you need to get Microsoft's Media Creation Tool (MCT).
  1. Insert a blank USB Flash drive into your PC. ...
  2. Navigate to Microsoft's Download Windows 10 page.
  3. Click Download tool now under under “Create Windows 10 installation media”
  4. Click Accept when prompted.
Jun 26, 2021

How to install Windows 10 step by step pdf? ›

How to Install Windows 10
  1. Make sure your Windows 10 installation media is connected. ...
  2. Open the Start menu. ...
  3. Click the power icon. ...
  4. Click Restart. ...
  5. Press and hold Del or F2 to enter setup. ...
  6. Navigate to the Boot tab. ...
  7. Select a device from which to boot. ...
  8. Press the + key until your boot option is first.

How to install an operating system step by step? ›

To install a new operating system, follow these steps: backup data, create installation media, insert media, boot from media, follow the installation wizard, partition, install OS, set user account, install drivers, update OS, install software, restore data, customize settings, set security measures, and restart.

What are two main parts of installation process in Windows 10? ›

Installation Guide Windows 10 Pro & Home
  • Step 1: Download the Windows installation files.
  • Step 2: Prepare a bootable operating system DVD or USB stick. for devices without a DVD reader.
  • Step 3: Install the operating system on your device.

How to install Windows 10? ›

  1. Attach the USB flash drive or insert the DVD on the PC where you want to install Windows 10.
  2. Restart your PC. ...
  3. On the Install Windows page, select your language, time, and keyboard preferences, and then select Next.
  4. Select Install Windows.

Can I download Windows 10 bootable USB? ›

To create installation media, go to the software download website, where you'll find step-by-step instructions. On that website, you can select a version of Windows and create your own installation media using either a USB flash drive or a DVD.

How to make bootable USB Windows 10 using command prompt? ›

How to create a Bootable USB on Windows using Command Prompt?
  1. Open Command Prompt in Administrative Format.
  2. Insert the USB Drive.
  3. Select the Disk using the Diskpart command & others.
  4. Format the USB Drivers.
  5. Create a Partition if necessary.
  6. Make it activated using Active Command.
Jan 30, 2024

How to create bootable USB Windows 10 without formatting? ›

There are two free ways for you to create the bootable USB drive . Just take Windows 10 as example, you can download the Windows 10 installation media online and then burn it on USB drive. Or you can use Rufus to burn ISO image file into the USB drive. All these two ways need you to get the image file at first.

How do I reinstall Windows 10 without a bootable device? ›

Yes, it is possible to reinstall Windows 10 without a USB or CD. Microsoft provides an option called "Reset this PC" that allows you to reinstall Windows from within the operating system itself. This feature uses the existing Windows installation files and does not require external media.

How to boot in safe mode? ›

Do one of the following:
  1. If your computer has a single operating system installed, press and hold the F8 key as your computer restarts. ...
  2. If your computer has more than one operating system, use the arrow keys to highlight the operating system you want to start in safe mode, and then press F8.

How to boot Windows 10 from bootable USB? ›

Once the computer has turned on, repeatedly press the 'F11' or 'Delete' keys until you reach the boot menu. From here, select the option that says, 'Boot from USB' and then choose your drive from the list of available options.

How to install Windows on USB and make it bootable? ›

Create a bootable USB drive: You can create a bootable USB drive using the Windows Media Creation Tool. Download the tool from the Microsoft website, launch it, and follow the prompts to create a bootable USB drive. Connect the USB drive to your computer: Insert the USB drive into a USB port on your computer.

How to install Windows 10 with UEFI bootable device? ›

Consult with your motherboard or system manufacturer for specific BIOS instructions.
  1. Connect a USB Windows® 10 UEFI install key.
  2. Boot the system into the BIOS (for example, using "F2" or the "Delete" key)
  3. Locate the "Boot Options Menu"
  4. Set Launch CSM to "Enabled." ...
  5. Set Boot Device Control to "UEFI Only"
Mar 26, 2024

How to install Windows 10 using BIOS? ›

How to Install Windows 10 From USB Using BIOS?
  1. Create a bootable USB drive using the Windows 10 media creation tool.
  2. Go to BIOS settings by pressing the F2 or Del key repeatedly after restarting your PC.
  3. Navigate to the 'Boot' tab and set the 'Boot Device Priority' to USB drive.
  4. Save changes and exit BIOS.

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