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FFXIV Warrior / Marauder is a fairly new class, exclusive to the FFXIV: ARR expansion, and it’s a ‘tankier’ job than the already tanky (and more popular) tank/DPS classes. The Warrior is designed to be a hybrid damage dealer and tank, with the ability to deal damage and have an active mitigation ability. The Marauder is a damage dealer exclusively.

This Tanking guide is intended to assist tankers in leveling up their characters in the current content of FFXIV:ARR. With the new Warrior Specialization, tanking has become a more viable option for endgame players, as it allows you to deal substantial damage while still being a tank. There is also a lot of diversity in the tanking equipment available for tanking classes, something which allows the player to make different choices regarding their preferred playstyle.

Marauder / Warrior Tanking is a fairly new concept to FFXIV. Tanking is one of the basic concepts of a tank class in MMOs, a player’s main goal is to protect the other players.

djcecil2 has a Final Fantasy XIV Marauder / Warrior Tanking Guide.

First and foremost, Overpower should not be your go-to aggressive move. Some individuals may be perplexed by this. Overpower is fantastic for keeping aggro, but the cost in a dungeon beyond Haukke Manor is much too high. Your healer’s time, concentration, efforts, and MP are the price. Finally, Overpower does not deal decent damage and inhibits any kind of CC, allowing you to be attacked by 3-4 mobs at once, forcing your healer to work overtime to keep you alive. Doesn’t it seem a little self-centered?

Tip 2: Be aware of the cross-class skills you should use. First and foremost, get flash. It’s a gladiator-style ability. This is where you grasp and hold. This is what keeps those asleep mobs on you instead of your CNJ or THM once they’ve been slept.

Then there’s Provoke. Also known as Gladiator. Provoke will offer you a lovely “Ah crap, there goes that ONE MOB after my healer…” button if you use Flash, which costs a lot of MP. Hit your provoke, throw a tomahawk, and you’re done.

Tip 3: Recognize when you SHOULD utilize overpowering techniques. So, now that we’ve spoken about how to keep hatred at bay, how do you put it all together? Set yourself up to be able to cone damage ALL opponents when they come in while pulling with Tomahawk. Use flash once you’ve struck them once. Congratulations, break out the champagne because they’re yours.

There’s no way to make it any simpler. If your party includes some big hitters, two overpowers and a flash will enough. (Be careful to inform your sleeper that you’ll be utilizing 2 and that you’ll be a few seconds late.)

Stack foresight and carnage while pulling a bunch of three or more. Especially if you’re using a WHM sleeper. It takes the edge off so they can get out of those naps without depleting your HP pool.

Tip #4: Build up your vitality! Your HP is used by several of your skills. Thrill of Battle, like Defiance, grants you an HP heal depending on your HP. The more HP you have, the more abuse you can take. This should be self-evident. 🙂

edit Someone who went full str instead of full vit was awarded a job. The parser may be found here:


When looking at the data, it’s obvious that the damage’s min-max values are very SMALL.

Here’s how it works: Average Normal Attack (full vit): 212.86 Difference: +0.64 point of damage. Normal Attack Average (full str): 213.50 1132.74 Inner Beast Average (full vit) Difference: +22.32 points of damage. Inner Beast Average (full str): 1155.06 165.84 (full vit) maim average Difference: +0.28 point of damage. Maim Average (full str): 166.12 Additional Considerations The problem is that most people think Marauders are AOE tanks. Their high HP is intended to let them to just spam AOEs (wasting TP) to maintain aggro, allowing ACN, ARC, and THM to have as much fun as they want performing blast AOEs. The reality is that… THIS… IS… A… WASTE. By the way, when you perform single target combos, you deal more damage. Not to mention that your combo abilities grant you stacks of Wrath after you reach a certain level, and when you become Infuriated… how about that FREE 600hp – 1000hp heal, huh? (From the Inner Beast) The bottom line is this: I tanked Stone Vigil’s last monster from 50 percent HP to 5% HP as a Warrior (WITH NO HEALER). This is a true tale. Healer passed away, and a moving eulogy was delivered. You’re welcome to use that raw tanking strength to spam the AOE button, but your group will resent you for it. SO! The final idea is shown below. Try playing Warrior with a single target mentality and focusing your raw HP and AOE damage on groups of non-sleeping monsters. Allow your party to assist you in being the greatest tank you can be. Man, don’t wake the sleepers… believe me on this. Return to the section on Final Fantasy XIV.

Hardcore raiding is not without its challenges, and a lot has to do with maintaining your gear in the face of high risk encounters. For this reason, many people use a Marauder or Warrior build for their jobs. Marauder tanks use Light Armor, which provides much lower damage mitigation, but has superior overall survivability. Warrior tanks use Heavy Armor, which provides much higher damage mitigation, but has much lower survivability.. Read more about ffxiv warrior leveling guide and let us know what you think.

{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you tank as a Marauder?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The Marauder is a class that uses heavy armor and shields. They have the ability to block attacks with their shield, which can also be used as an offensive weapon.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Marauder a tank ff14?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Marauder is a melee DPS class in Final Fantasy XIV.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Marauder DPS or tank?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Marauder is a DPS class.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tank as a Marauder?

The Marauder is a class that uses heavy armor and shields. They have the ability to block attacks with their shield, which can also be used as an offensive weapon.

Is Marauder a tank ff14?

Marauder is a melee DPS class in Final Fantasy XIV.

Is Marauder DPS or tank?

Marauder is a DPS class.

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