90+ Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games For Kids of All Ages (2024)

If you want the best indoor birthday party games to celebrate your child’s big day, read on for tons of inspiration!

Are you getting ready to throw an indoor birthday bash for your little one? Whether it’s because of chilly winter weather, or just a desire to keep the party cozy and contained, we’ve got you covered with the best indoor birthday party games to keep the fun going strong, no matter the season.

From timeless classics like musical chairs, to modern favorites like minute-to-win-it challenges, we’ve curated a diverse selection of indoor games that promises fun and excitement for kids of all ages.

Our roundup of indoor birthday party games will provide the inspiration you’re looking for, and can cater to every theme and energy level. Whether you’re dealing with a small group of close friends, or a bustling crowd of little munchkins, we’ve got the perfect games to keep everyone entertained.

Try some classic circle games, where laughter and camaraderie abound, or rev up the competitive spirit with relay and race games that will have the kids releasing some energy. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more laid-back, our selection of quiet games can provide some moments of much-needed calm amidst the excitement. Plus, with games involving food, unique balloon challenges, and plenty of creative twists on old favorites, you’ll have no trouble keeping the birthday guests engaged and entertained all party long.

So, roll up your sleeves, put on your party-planning hat, and get ready to make some magical memories with these ideas for the best indoor birthday party games!

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Music Games

Music games are some of the best indoor birthday party games for getting little feet moving and grooving. From musical chairs to freeze dance, these classics are sure to get the party pumping. Or spice things up with some creative twists – like adding funny dance moves or costumes – to make these games even more entertaining for the little ones at your birthday party.

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(1) Musical Chairs: A favorite traditional birthday party game, all you need is music and chairs for this fun-filled activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. The goal is to make sure you have a seat when the music stops – but watch out, there’s always one person that won’t have a chair to sit on! It’s perfect for birthday parties because this fun game never fails to bring smiles and giggles. (via Ice Breaker Ideas)

(2) Freeze Dance: Looking for a fun and energetic group game that’s perfect for kids and maybe even adults? Freeze Dance is a classic game that combines music, dancing, and a little friendly competition for endless entertainment. With easy rules and countless variations, you can customize this music game to fit your birthday party’s theme, and we love that you can play with any number of children. (via Mommy Made That)

(3) Musical Statues: Get ready for some dancing and striking poses with this lively birthday party game! Simply play some tunes, let the kids show off their best moves, and when the music stops, they have to freeze like statues. If they move, they’re out of the game! Keep the fun going until only one little statue remains, and declare them the champion.

Musical Bobs: This game is played the same as Musical Statues, with one exception: each child must “bob” down when the music stops and sit on the floor instead of freezing. The last person to sit on the floor is out, and the last person still dancing at the end is the winner.

(4) Musical Costumes: This is a great indoor birthday party game for bringing on the giggles! Have all the younger children at the party sit or stand in a circle. As the music plays, the children pass around a bag of random costume pieces – glasses, hats, gloves, wigs, boas, etc. When the music stops, the person holding the bag takes out an item and puts it on. The person wearing the wackiest costume at the end of the game is the winner!

(5) Limbo: In this popular party game, the aim is to bend yourself backward and go under the Limbo pole without touching it. You can make it even more fun by setting different challenges like hopping or crawling under the bar. Lower the bar for every round, and the last person to make it under without falling or touching it wins. Grab a broom or pool noodle to use as the bar! (via In The Playroom)

(6) Hot Potato: Get ready for some fast-paced fun with this classic game. Sit or stand in a circle and pass a ball or potato around while you play some music. If you’re holding the potato when the music stops, you’re out! The last person remaining wins. (via Playworks)

Name that Singer/Song: This is a great indoor birthday party game for kids who are a little older, probably 8+. Divide your guests into teams, grab some sheets of paper and a pen, and let the competition begin. After listening to a few seconds of a song, team members will huddle and quietly strategize to agree on the singer or the name of the song and write their answer on a piece of paper. The team with the most correct answers scores points and ultimately, the team with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Circle Games

Who doesn’t love bringing back childhood classics like Duck, Duck, Goose or the ever-exciting Pass the Parcel? There’s something about gathering in a circle, surrounded by friends and laughter, that makes these games an instant hit. And because the guests are contained to a circle, they’re perfect for playing inside!

90+ Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games For Kids of All Ages (3)

(1) Duck, Duck, Goose: With no equipment needed, all you need to do is sit the little kids in a circle and choose one to be “It”. “It” walks around the circle tapping each child on the head and calling them a “duck”, but eventually they’ll call one a “goose”. The “goose” then stands up and runs around the circle, trying to tag “It” before they can sit back down in the goose’s spot. This one’s a total classic! (via Splash Games)

(2) Who/What Am I?: Get ready for a party-sized version of the classic game “Hedbanz”! Each guest becomes a walking mystery as they have the name of a person, animal, or object taped to their forehead or back. The mission is to use your best detective skills and ask up to 20 yes-or-no questions to various guests to uncover your hidden identity. This guessing game is filled with laughter, brainstorming, and mystery-solving as everyone tries to reveal who they really are!

(3) Pass the Parcel: Get ready for an exciting indoor birthday party game that will have younger kids on the edge of their seats with anticipation! Before the party, wrap a small prize in layers and layers of wrapping paper. Gather the children in a circle, play some fun music, and have them pass the parcel around. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel gets to unwrap one layer of paper, and the game continues until someone reveals the prize hidden within the final layer. You can also hide smaller goodies (candy, dollar store finds, etc.) within each layer if you want to ensure that every child gets a little something. This game is so simple, but is a sure fire hit at your child’s next party!

(4) “Who Is It?”: Prepare for some laughter-filled excitement with a game of “Who Is It?”. Blindfold one party guest and place them in the center of the circle. When the host shouts, “GO!”, the blindfolded player must reach out and grab someone from the circle, asking, “Who is it?” The chosen guest disguises their voice while answering. If the blindfolded player correctly guesses the identity, the discovered person takes their turn as the new blindfolded player in the middle.

(5) Wink Assassin: Get ready for a thrilling game of mystery and suspense – Wink Assassin! Sit everyone in a circle of chairs, or on the floor, and close your eyes while the parent taps a chosen “assassin” on the shoulder. Open your eyes and select a detective. The assassin’s mission is to discreetly “kill” the other players by winking at them, making them dramatically “die”. It’s up to the detective to uncover the identity of the murderer before everyone meets their dramatic demise.

Cat & Mouse: Get ready for a circle game that will have kids on the edge of their seats! Gather the kids in a circle and hand out two bean bags on opposite sides of the circle, one representing the cat and the other the mouse. The fun begins as the cat and mouse are passed around the circle, with everyone eagerly anticipating whether the cat will catch up with the mouse. This game is perfect for some interactive and playful fun with the little ones!

“Sticky Note” Telephone: Get ready for some hilarious party fun with a twist on the classic game of Telephone. Instead of whispering to each other, guests will instead be writing and drawing. Each player starts with a sticky note pad and writes down a word or phrase then passes it to the person sitting next to them. As the paper travels, players alternate between drawing and writing descriptions until it reaches the original writer, resulting in some seriously funny phrases and illustrations! For full instructions head to One She Two She.

Laughing Game: Prepare for a hilarious laughter-filled experience with this game. Gather all the guests in a circle and take turns going around, with each person saying “Ha,” “Ho,” or “Hee”. Here’s the challenge – anyone who laughs is out, so the ultimate champion is the last player left in the circle. Get ready for some serious giggles!

Grab the Tail: Get ready for a fast-paced game that will have kids on their feet. Gather all the kids in a circle and select 2-3 children to be the tail-wearers. They tuck a piece of fabric, like a long sock, into the back of their pants/shorts to act as their tail. The tail-wearers stand across from each other in the middle of the circle, and the objective is to snatch the other person’s tail. The winner stays in the circle and another child joins them to try their luck.

Handkerchief Game: Looking for a simple and fun party game for kids? Divide the kids into two teams, give each player a number, spread them out in a large circle and place a handkerchief in the middle. When a number is called, players with that number rush to the middle, trying to grab the handkerchief first so they earn a point for their team. It’s a classic game that promises a little friendly competition at the birthday party. (via Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids)

Memory Grocery Game: Sit all your guests in a circle and kick off the game by saying “I went to the shop today and bought…” The first person starts by adding an item, whether it’s realistic or silly. The challenge is then passed to the next person, who must remember the previous items and then also add their own. As the grocery list grows longer, it becomes trickier to remember! If someone forgets an item or the entire list, they’re out. The ultimate champion is the last person standing, with the memory skills of a shopping genius!

Relay and Race Games

If your birthday party guests have a little extra energy to burn, relay and race games are a great way to go. From sack races to balloon pop relays, these games will have everyone competing to be the champion. Encourage teamwork and friendly competition while keeping the kids moving and engaged throughout the party with these indoor relay and race games:

90+ Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games For Kids of All Ages (4)

(1) Egg and Spoon Race: The classic Egg and Spoon Race can also be played indoors – just use a plastic egg or small ball instead of a real egg! Get ready for some laughter and excitement with this timeless game that will surely keep the kids entertained.

(2) Indoor Obstacle Course: Turn your indoor space into an epic obstacle course that the kids won’t be able to resist. From crawling under chairs, through tunnels, and under a table, to climbing over ramps, using laundry baskets as steps, and throwing bean bags at a target, the kids will be busy all party long. Add in creative additions, such as walking the plank or jumping over pool noodles – the options are limitless.

(3) Spy Obstacle Course: Send your guests to “spy school” by setting up 7 stations (grab the free printable here to help) that will challenge them to crack codes, go through agility training, take target practice and more! (via Frugal Fun 4 Boys & Girls)

(4) Three-Legged Race: It’s time to tie those legs together and get ready for a hilarious coordination challenge. Have the kids pair up and try to conquer the race to the finish line without tripping over each other. This classic game needs lots of teamwork and communication!

(5) It’s a Wrap: For this game, teams compete to be the fastest to completely wrap one of their teammates in toilet paper. When the signal is given, teams scramble to unravel rolls of toilet paper and wrap it around their teammate until they’re completely covered. The team that successfully uses up all of their rolls, and creates a toilet paper masterpiece, wins the game. (via The Resourceful Mama)

Water Bottle Relay Race: Kids are divided into two teams and take turns throwing their shoes at a water bottle while standing on a chair. The first team to have all players knock down the water bottle with their shoe wins, making it a fun and competitive activity for little ones. (via Tip Junkie)

Silly Dress-up Relay: Split into teams and choose one person who will be dressed up. Each team member takes turns sprinting to a bucket filled with oversized shirts, dresses, pants, and accessories like sunglasses, tiaras, necklaces, and boas. The goal is to be the first team to successfully dress their teammate in 10 different items, then admire the winner’s crazy outfit!

Wheelbarrow Race: Have the kids grab a partner – one person becomes the wheelbarrow, grabbing their partner’s ankles, while the other person walks on their hands. Together, they race to the finish line, giggling all the way, and the first team across wins!

Quiet Games

Since the party’s indoors, you may want to settle the excitement a bit and enjoy some quieter games. Games like Charades, Simon Says, or a good old-fashioned game of I Spy are great options for those moments when you need a break from the chaos. These indoor birthday party games challenge kids’ imaginations and listening skills, all while providing a more calming party atmosphere.

90+ Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games For Kids of All Ages (5)

(1) What’s in the Box?: Spark curiosity with this hands-on game designed to engage their senses. Grab a cardboard box and cut a hole big enough for little hands to fit through. Fill the box with a variety of sensory objects like something furry, something hard, something soft, and different shapes. Then, it’s time to put your party guests’ skills to the test as they try to guess what each object is by touch alone. This is a great game for preschoolers and toddlers. (via The Dad Lab)

(2) Birthday Bingo: Get ready to add some extra fun to your party with this adorable printable Birthday Bingo game. Just print the cards, grab some prizes, and let the bingo fun begin! (via Crazy Little Projects)

(3) What’s Missing?: Gather a variety of random items, a kitchen tray, and a small towel. Lay out the items on the tray and give the party guests 30 seconds to try to memorize them before covering them up with the towel. Sneak away into a separate room and remove one item, then bring the tray back. The first to guess which item is missing wins a point! (via Kids Activities Blog)

(4) Paper Plate Memory Game: Using simple supplies like paper plates and Sharpies, create a collection of capital letter pairs and watch the kids hone their memory skills while having a blast. (via Frugal Fun 4 Boys & Girls)

(5) Sleeping Lions: Are you in desperate need of a game that guarantees a few moments of peace and quiet during the party? Look no further than Sleeping Lions, the ultimate quiet game! This game is simple – just have everyone lie down and the winner is the brave soul who can resist the urge to move or make a sound the longest.

(6) Pin the Tail on the Donkey: Take your child’s birthday party to the next level with a classic game that never gets old! You can easily customize the theme to suit your party boy or girl by switching out the tail for a hat, allowing everyone to take turns pinning the hat on a large photo of the birthday child for a delightful twist on this beloved game. So grab a blindfold, spin those partygoers around, and let the laughter ensue as they try to pin the tail/hat in the right spot! (via Rowdy Stroudy)

(7) Guess the Number: Take the party to the next level with this exciting game of guessing. Fill a jar with an assortment of objects like LEGO pieces, jelly beans, or pennies, and let kids take turns guessing how many are inside. The lucky winner who comes closest to the actual number gets to take home the jar full of goodies as their special prize. (via One Simple Party)

Balloon Games

Balloons are the perfect party accessory, and they can also be a great source of entertainment. Check out the following indoor birthday party games that all use balloons to amp up the fun:

90+ Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games For Kids of All Ages (6)

(1) Balloon Stomp: Get ready for a stomping good time! Tie balloons to each player’s ankle using a string or ribbon, making sure they are secure. The objective is to pop other players’ balloons while protecting your own, using only your feet to stomp and burst the balloons. Watch the excitement build as kids try to be the last one standing with an intact balloon. Don’t forget to have plenty of extra balloons on hand – kids will want to play round after round!

(2) Keepy Uppy: Divide players into teams and have each team hold hands throughout the entire game. Each team is given a balloon, and the goal is to keep the balloon off the ground using anything but their hands – think heads, shoulders, knees, feet, and even backs! The team that manages to keep their balloon up the longest will be crowned the champions.

(3) Balloon Waddle: Line up the kids and hand each one a balloon to place between their knees, challenging them to keep it from popping or dropping. Watch the laughter ensue as they waddle across the room, trying their best to reach the finish line (or go around a cone and back for a relay) without any mishaps. Keep the fun going by allowing them to continue if they drop the balloon or make them go back to the starting point for an extra twist of excitement!

(4) Balloon Relay: Pair up the party guests. Each duo must place a balloon between either their chests or backs and race together to the finish line without losing their balloon along the way. And don’t forget – no hands are allowed!

Balloon Pop Relay: Divide the players into teams, ensuring they are evenly matched, and give each child a blown-up balloon. With the balloon held between their legs, the players must hop down to a chair, giving their all to keep the balloon from falling. Once they reach the chair, they sit on it until the balloon pops before sprinting back to high-five the next person in line. Teams compete to see who can complete the relay first! (via Katie Barton Youtube)

Follow-the-Instructions Games

With follow-the-instruction games, you can test your little partygoers’ ability to listen and obey. These indoor birthday party games are a super-fun standout to any party:

90+ Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games For Kids of All Ages (7)

(1) Red Light, Green Light: Keep kids entertained and create your own indoor fun with this easy birthday party game. Craft your own “stop,” “go,” and “slow” signs. Add popsicle sticks for handles, and choose who will be the traffic controller signaling when to stop, go, or slow down. (via Repeat Crafter Me)

(2) The Floor’s Lava: Turn your living room into an adventure with this classic game that will get the kids jumping around! The only instruction here is simple: pretend the floor is lava, and don’t touch it! Simply scatter pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets across the floor to create a lava-free path. The challenge? See who can last the longest without touching the “lava” below.

Opposites: Get ready for some laugh-out-loud mischief with a game that will challenge your guests to do the complete opposite of what they’re told! As the game leader, give commands like “stick out your right foot,” and watch as the little rebels stick out their left instead. But beware, if they follow your instructions, they’re out! The goal is to be the last one standing, proving who truly masters the art of opposites.

Simon Says: Bring on the fun with this classic listening game. The rules are simple – the caller tells everyone to do an action, as long as they start with “Simon says” (ie. “Simon says rub your belly”). If the caller doesn’t say “Simon says” and the guests perform the action, they are out. The last person standing wins. Make it easy by downloading these 50+ creative Simon Says actions, so you won’t have to worry about thinking up actions on the spot, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the fun. (via The Best Ideas For Kids)

Minute-To-Win-It Games

Some of our favorite indoor birthday party games last only 60 seconds! From stacking cups to cookie face races, these fast-paced minute-to-win-it games are easy to set up and will have everyone laughing and cheering.

Challenge your party guests with some of the best minute-to-win-it games below:

90+ Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games For Kids of All Ages (8)

(1) M&M Straw Game: Gather the partygoers for a chance to win the most candy in this fast-moving game. Players sit in a circle around a communal bowl of M&Ms, each with their own straw and empty bowl. The first player rolls 2 die. If they don’t roll doubles, they pass the die to the next player. If they do roll doubles, they use their straw to suction an M&M to the bottom, moving it over to their own bowl. While they are doing this, the next player is rolling. They continue to move over the candy with their straw until another player rolls doubles. The game continues until all the candy is gone, and at the end each player gets to keep the candy in their bowl! You can also play with skittles or mini marshmallows. (via So Festive & The Chaos & The Clutter)

(2) Cookie Face: Players are challenged to move a cookie from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial scrunches! Place the cookie on their forehead and let the fun begin as they twist, squirm, and scrunch their face to guide the cookie down to their mouth! (via Fun Party Pop)

(3) Pasta Pickup: All you need for this fun minute-to-win-it game is some uncooked pasta. Put some penne on a table and give each player a long piece of spaghetti to place in their mouth. The winner is the player who can thread the most penne pasta onto their spaghetti in one minute – without using their hands! If the noodle breaks, they can get another and keep trying. (via Hello Wonderful)

(4) Dice Balance: The objective of this indoor birthday party game is simple: hold a popsicle stick in your mouth and stack as many dice as you can on the tip in 60 seconds. But be warned, it’s trickier than it appears and the suspense of watching the dice teetering is sure to have everyone on the edge of their seats! (pic via Paging Fun Mums)

(5) Cup Stack: In this exciting minute-to-win-it game, kids will have just one minute to stack as many plastic cups as they can into the tallest tower imaginable. With each cup strategically placed, they’ll race against the clock to create an epic tower. The tallest one without falling over in the time limit wins! (pic via Paging Fun Mums)

(6) Elephant March: Gather those makeshift elephant trunks and get ready for a wacky march like no other! With just a pair of pantyhose, a tennis ball, and some plastic cups, you can create a fun walkway for players to knock over cups by swinging their pantyhose-clad heads from side to side. The child who can knock over the most cups in a minute is declared the winner. (via The Chaos & The Clutter or check out the game in action in this YouTube video)

(7) Cup Race: All you need for this game is 35 cups of the same color and one cup of a different color. Start with the single colored cup on top and when time begins, the child takes the top cup and moves it to the bottom. They will continue doing this until the colored cup again reaches the very bottom. It’s a test of speed, concentration, and precision! (via Happiness is Homemade)

Additional Minute-to-Win-It Games: Looking to add an extra challenge or two to your party? We’ve found some additional fantastic minute-to-win-it games that are sure to bring smiles, lots of laughs, and friendly competition to any gathering. From shake you booty challenge that will have everyone bursting with laughter to a variety of games perfect for a large group, there’s something for everyone. Check out some of the following ideas (via Happiness is Homemade, My Life And Kids, Play Party Plan, and Raising Dragons)

Hunt Games

Everyone loves a good treasure or scavenger hunt. Hide special treats or small prizes around the house, and watch as the little explorers enthusiastically search for hidden treasures. It’s an interactive game that guarantees fun and laughter until every item is found, and they’ll find it can be just as exciting indoors as out! You can also play with large or small groups.

90+ Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games For Kids of All Ages (9)

(1) Birthday Scavenger Hunt: Organize a thrilling treasure hunt with pre-written clues that guests can solve together to find a hidden treasure. (You can even set this up for the birthday child to find their presents!) This interactive activity will keep the kids entertained as they follow the clues around the party space, reading and solving them as a group. (via The Savvy Sparrow)

(2) Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Split the party into teams and challenge them to find the most things from a provided list in a given amount of time, or let them play individually for some friendly competition. Make it easy by using a free printable list from Play Party Plan.

(3) Photo Scavenger Hunt: Looking for a fun and engaging birthday party activity that’s perfect for tech-loving tweens and teens? Try a photo scavenger hunt! Provide a list of things they need to find (we love this one from Mama Cheaps), and they can use their iPads or phones to capture a shot of each item. The first person (or team) to get a photo of each item on the list is the winner.

(4) Puzzle Hunt: Get ready for some puzzle-solving fun! Purchase simple jigsaw puzzles with 8-10 pieces, and label each set with a specific shape or color on the back of each piece (so puzzle #1’s pieces could all have red circles on the back; puzzle #2’s pieces could have blue squares, etc.). Then hide the puzzle pieces throughout your party space. Divide your party guests into several teams and assign each team the color/shape of a puzzle to find. The teams must search high and low to find all their puzzle pieces. The first to complete their jigsaw is the winner.

Treasure Hunt: Hosting a treasure hunt for little adventurers is an easy activity to plan and set-up. Simply hide little treats around a designated play area and let the kids keep what they find. For a more elaborate hunt best suited for older kids, scatter tokens like colorful gemstones or painted rocks, and award a grand prize to the child who discovers the most.

Food Games

Games involving food are some of the best indoor party games! Cupcake decorating contests or a creative fruit salad challenge are different ways to keep little hands busy while filling their bellies. These games encourage creativity and sometimes even result in a delicious treat to enjoy afterward.

90+ Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games For Kids of All Ages (10)

(1) Donuts on a String: Looking for a great indoor birthday party game for littles? Enter the donut-hanging game! This updated twist on bobbing for apples involves hanging donuts on strings, challenging kids to eat them without using their hands. (via Little Cooks Reading Books and check out these cute pics from Party Slate)

(2) Saran Wrap Ball: Players sit in a circle and take turns unwrapping a saran wrap ball filled with surprises while wearing oven mitts. The catch? The person to the left tries to roll doubles with the dice, and when they do, it’s their turn to unwrap the plastic wrap ball. It’s a game of luck, laughter, and loads of prizes! (via Lilluna)

(3) Left, Right, Eat: Get ready for a hilarious birthday game that will keep your party goers on their toes! In this game, players sit in a circle and roll dice, passing candy to the left, right, or even getting to eat it depending on the roll. The last person left with candy wins the game and a small prize. (via Play Party Plan)

(4) Chocolate Unicorn: With just chocolate cookies needed for this game, each player receives 10 cookies and aims to stack them on their forehead. The challenge? The precarious stack must stay put for 3 seconds! It’s a sweet game that’s so much fun for all ages. (via The Chaos & The Clutter)

(5) Punch for a Prize: Create a DIY prize punch board using a box, tissue paper, and cups. Kids can take turns and punch through the tissue paper to reveal their hidden prize. You can fill each cup with a little treat, or for older kids, throw in some money! (via A Girl & A Glue Gun)

(6) Oven Mitt Unwrap: In this fun indoor birthday party game, the challenge is to unwrap candy as fast as possible. But here’s the kicker – the players have to wear oven mitts! Set up several wrapped candies and give the players one minute to unwrap as many as they can. The player with the most unwrapped candy wins the game. You can even switch things up by using winter mittens or gloves instead of oven mitts. This is a great game for kids of all ages, including tweens and teens. (via Drina Dayz)

(7) Chubby Bunny: Players gather in a circle and take turns putting marshmallows in their mouths and attempting to say “Chubby Bunny”. The object of the game is to see who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth while still being able to say it! The game continues until someone can’t say “Chubby Bunny” anymore or can’t fit any more marshmallows in their mouth. The last player standing with marshmallows and the ability to say “Chubby Bunny” wins the game!

(8) Blindfolded Taste Test: Gather a variety of foods, from baby food and Nutella, to jam and jello, and blindfold all the kids (before it starts). One by one, they will be given a food to try and they must guess what it is based on taste alone. The child with the most correct guesses becomes the ultimate taste-testing champion!

(9) Bobbing for Apples: This classic game will have the kids giggling with delight. Fill a large basin or tub with water and add apples. One at a time, kids must lean over the tub and try to bite and grab an apple using only their teeth. It’s a hilarious game, but it’s a good idea to have some towels handy!

Whipped Cream Face: Place 5-10 M&M’s on each plate and cover them with a generous layer of whipped cream. Have kids kneel in front of their plates with their hands behind their backs. Once the signal is given, the fun begins as they dive face-first into the whipped cream, searching for and munching on those sweet and colorful M&M’s. The first child to devour all the M&M’s wearing the whipped cream mask is crowned the winner!

Get Creative Games

Unleash your party goers’ imaginations with some of the best indoor birthday party games that will get their creative juices flowing. From drawing games to playing dress-up, kids can express their creativity while creating fun and unique party memories.

90+ Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games For Kids of All Ages (11)

(1) Partners in Pen: The aim of the game is simple – one partner describes an object without saying its name or its purpose, while the other partner tries to draw it based on the descriptions. With partners sitting back-to-back, the race is on to see which team can finish with the fastest time. There’s one catch – the one holding the object cannot say its name or explain what the item is used for. Take a look at the game in action on YouTube.

(2) Cupcake Decorating: Spice up your next birthday party with a deliciously delightful activity that will leave your guests’ taste buds and creativity buzzing! Set up a cupcake decorating station complete with freshly baked cupcakes, colorful frosting, and an array of toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, and edible glitter. They’ll have a blast, and after decorating, they can eat their treats! (via Sunshine Parties Blog)

(3) DIY Photo Booth: Add a splash of color and creativity to your next party with this adorable paper plate backdrop. This DIY project is perfect for capturing memories and striking poses with the little ones. It’s simple to set up, just arrange the plates in a pattern you like and stick them to a wall using painter’s tape. Get ready to snap some picture-perfect moments and create lasting memories with this fun and budget-friendly photo booth idea! (via Mommy Clicks)

(4) Spin the Nail Polish: Add some color and creativity to your daughter’s next sleepover party with this simple game that’s sure to be a huge hit! With a printable game board and 13 bottles of nail polish in different shades, all they need to do is spin to win and let the fun begin! It’s the perfect game for the girly girls! (via Mom of 6)

(5) Pizza Box Art: All you need is a pizza box, some tape, a few art supplies, and you’re ready to go for a DIY Arty Party. This activity is perfect for guests to have fun with paint. Check out the tutorial and helpful tips on how to make your own pizza box easels, and you can supply some paper and paints. (via Play Teach Repeat)

(6) Dress-Up Station: Start by collecting a treasure trove of fabulous items – think boas, tiaras, fancy dresses and everything in between. Create a makeshift runway and let the fashionistas dress up and strut their stuff to fun music, bringing the glitz and glam right to your party room. Don’t forget to capture their unforgettable fashion moments by snapping pictures or recording videos, so the memories of their epic birthday show can be cherished forever. (via The Party Teacher)

(7) Paper Fortune Teller: Remember the nostalgia of making paper fortune tellers as a kid? Well, here’s a quick and fun reminder for party guests to make their own! Grab a piece of paper and some colored markers, follow the step-by-step instructions, and write fortunes on each flap. Not only will kids enjoy the process of making these, but they will also have a blast asking other guests to reveal their fortunes. (via The Craft Balloon)

Alternatively, grab these pre-designed printables from Leap of Faith Crafting to make things even easier!

Drama Bag Game: Fill up shopping bags or containers with an exciting mix of different things – from shoes to combs to pennies and other household items – and divide kids into equal teams, giving each team one bag. Then watch as the teams embark on their own unique adventures, going to different rooms to create hilarious skits or plays that must incorporate all the items in their bag. After 15 minutes of preparation, gather everyone together and get ready to be entertained by their fabulous performances. Looking to add an extra twist? Let the guests create a song, commercial, or special tribute dedicated to the birthday child!

Charades: This simple and cost-free game is perfect for any party. With a variety of topics, from actions and phrases, to characters and books, there’s something to engage and entertain kids of all ages. Create a bunch of word lists ahead of time so everything is ready to go. (via Everything Mom)

Reverse Charades: Get ready for a hilariously fun twist on the classic game of charades! In this version, instead of one person acting out while the team guesses, the roles are reversed – one guesser tries to interpret the outrageous actions of their entire team! (via Confessions of Parenting)

Pictionary: This classic board game can easily be made at home with your own twist, allowing you to personalize it. From drawing hilarious sketches to guessing words and categories, you’ll all be laughing as you play this DIY version of Pictionary. (via Game On Family)

Paper Airplane Races: Let the sky be the limit in this exciting game of paper airplane races! Challenge guests to see whose airplane can soar the farthest through the air. Get them ready to fold, throw, and cheer as they embark on a challenge filled with fun!

Karaoke: Turn your party space into a dazzling stage and let those little guests shine at your next indoor party. With karaoke, they can sing their hearts out. Connect a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app. If you have a large enough crowd, you could even have judges vote for their favorite performance!

Hiding Games

Kids love hiding games, and playing indoors creates tons of different places to hide. But one pro tip before you let the kids loose: be sure to clearly delineate the hiding/seeking area before starting (ie. you must stay in this one room, or only hide on the first floor, etc.) so everyone is on board with the boundaries and the game doesn’t last forever!

Hide and Seek: This classic game never gets old! Each child finds the perfect hiding spot while one player closes their eyes and counts to ten. Once the counting is done, the seeker sets off on a mission to find everyone.

Sardines: This fun twist on Hide and Seek flips the roles around, so one person hides while everyone else has to search for them. As the players find the hider, instead of calling them out, they join in on the hiding spot until it’s crowded, just like sardines in a can! The last person to find the hider (along with everyone else!) is deemed the loser, but gets to become the hider in the next round. (via Fun Party Pop)

Forty Forty: This game is also known as “Relieve You”, “Tinkernelly”, or “Kick the Can”, and is a hybrid of hide-and-seek and tag. It can be played both indoors or outdoors – just make sure you have enough space for the kids to run around, because it is one energetic game! Head to Sloely to learn more.

Jail Break: Combine Hide & Seek and Tag with an engaging game of Jail Break. First, divide your guests into 2 teams and then choose a spot for the “jail” that can hold everyone on the team. One team will seek and the other will hide. When a hidden player is found, they are allowed to run, but if tagged, they must go to the jail. But here’s the twist – once they’re jailed, other players can sneak in and rescue them by touching the jail and yelling “Jail Break!”. And those who have been freed can hide again! The game ends when every player on the team hiding is caught in the jail. (via OSM)

Chasing Games

For those who have a larger indoor space to use (that basem*nt playroom is perfect!), chasing games are a great way for your guests to release some energy. A game of tag or a relay race that involves a bit of chasing will have everyone laughing, running, and bonding together. Just be sure to establish boundaries for safety measures!

Classic Tag / Stuck-in-the-Mud Tag: From the good ol’ chase and catch game to the hilarious Stuck-in-the-Mud version, you can’t go wrong with a game of tag. In Stuck-in-the-Mud, players must brace themselves as they try to wriggle under someone’s legs to set them free from their muddy trap. So whether you’re running, hiding, or untangling friends from pretend mud, this classic party game is a sure-fire win.

Blob Tag: Two players become the “It” team and join hands, forming an unstoppable chasing force. As they tag other players, the fun grows as everyone who’s caught joins hands, creating a growing human blob that moves together. Watch as the group of giggling kids gets smaller and smaller, making it even more exciting for the rest of the players left to outrun the blob.

Toilet Tag: In this wacky twist on tag, one player takes on the role of the plumber, chasing down the other players. If caught, the tagged player must freeze in a toilet position, with one knee down and one arm out to the side. But a fellow player can sit on the “toilet,” pushing down on their arm to flush them free and back into the game! Just remember, the player on toilet duty is safe from being tagged while sitting. This is a great game for larger groups, as you can even start the game with 2-3 plumbers. Kids think this indoor birthday party game is absolutely hilarious!!

Centipede Tag: Divide the players into two teams and have them form a line where each player holds the waist of the person in front of them. The person at the end of the line tucks a long sock or handkerchief in the back of their pants to form a tail. The head of the centipede, located at the front of each line, must try to pull off the tail of the other centipede while safeguarding their own tail. Make sure to mix up the teams between rounds for even more giggles!

Grandmother’s Footsteps: Also known as Sly Fox, prepare for a game of sneaky moves. Find a willing adult to take on the role of “Grandmother” and have them stand at one end of the room, with their back turned towards everyone. Line up the kids at the opposite end and get ready to begin. As the children cautiously make their way closer to Grandmother, she can turn around unexpectedly. Any child caught moving or wobbling when Grandmother looks back must go back to the starting line and try again. The first child to reach Grandmother, without getting caught, wins!

What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?: Gather the kids and appoint one child as Mr. or Mrs. Wolf, while the others form a horizontal line facing away from them. With the wolf a far distance away, the line of players chant, “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” and the wolf responds by calling out an o’clock time. The players then take steps toward the wolf that correspond with the time (ie. if the wolf says it’s “3 o’clock”, the kids take 3 steps forward). But if the wolf shouts “Dinnertime!” everyone must turn around and race back to the start line, trying to get there before the wolf tags them. If the wolf tags any kids before they get back to the start, they are deemed “out”. (via Childhood101)

Monsters in the Forest: This game is also known as Sharks and Minnows, and basically tag with a monster twist! The objective is to make it to the other side of the room without being caught by the monster in the middle. If the monster catches you, you transform into a monster as well, joining in on the hunt. The last person who isn’t a monster, wins.

Blindman’s Bluff: One player is chosen to be the “Tagger” and is blindfolded. The other players scatter around, trying their best to avoid being caught. The Tagger must rely on their sense of touch to identify and catch others, and if successful, the tagged player becomes the new Tagger. It’s basically a blind hide-and-seek! (via Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids)

So there you have it, a plethora of unique and classic indoor birthday party games to entertain and delight little ones at your big party. From classic circle games to competitive relay races and laid-back quiet activities, there’s something here to suit every theme and energy level. With laughter, teamwork and plenty of fun in store, these indoor games promise to keep the party going strong from start to finish.

All you have to do now is pick your favorites from our list, and create an unforgettable celebration with these fantastic indoor birthday party game ideas!

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90+ Fun Indoor Birthday Party Games For Kids of All Ages (2024)


How do you play prize walk? ›

Prize Walk

Start the game by having each child stand on a number and begin walking around the circle when the music starts. When the music stops they have to stand on a number. If their number is chosen from the basket, they win a prize. This game can continue until everyone wins a prize.

How do you play the game cake walk? ›

The participants walk around the path in time to music, which plays for a duration and then stops. A number is drawn at random and called out, and the person standing on that number wins a cake as a prize (hence the name).

How do you play the game rubber? ›

Link two rubber bands together and knock blocks hard. Score 1 point for each block that isn't touching any other blocks. Reset blocks, play passes to next player. Win= 25 points.

What is a prize walk? ›

The cakewalk was a pre-Civil War dance originally performed by slaves on plantation grounds. The uniquely American dance was first known as the “prize walk”; the prize was an elaborately decorated cake. Hence, “prize walk” is the original source for the phrases “takes the cake” and “cakewalk.”

What is the prize for the cake walk? ›

A cake is provided as a prize for the winner in the competition, and a bench of experts in deportment is appointed to award it.

What is an example of a cake walk? ›

The kids walk around looking at all of the cakes and cupcakes, and then pay for tickets to deposit in the bags or boxes belonging to the cakes they hope to win. Once all of the kids have done this, tickets are drawn and kids win cakes! Usually it's one cake/package of cupcakes per kid.

How do you engage kids on their birthday? ›

Instead of hired entertainment, prepare a few free activities like these birthday party games:
  1. Freeze Dance.
  2. Keep-Up-the-Balloon.
  3. Musical Chairs.
  4. Hot Potato.
  5. Charades.
  6. Red Rover.
  7. Three-Legged Race.
  8. Duck, Duck, Goose.
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